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Happy Holidaze, folks! by John M. Ellison IV

Well folks, it’s the time of year again! It’s the time of rampant consumerism, coping with annoying relatives by drinking eggnog with special ingredients and a family viewing of Miracle on 69th street! …Okay, the last one is optional. Also if you’re a parent, you get to tell your kids the story of Santa Claus, a pudgy flamboyantly dressed voyeur with a white beard that uses labor from magical dwarves and reindeer and breaks into your house but leaves gift and eats snacks within 24 hours! I’m trying to figure out the legal recourse regarding this situation. Seriously, how many laws is Santa breaking?

Oh yeah, since this is a fable that you’re telling your kids this as if were fact, technically that makes you a liar, too.

But, it’s not all negative; it’s also the time for catchy holiday music and inane holiday themed sitcoms and Christmas specials. Since this is a site that caters to more alternative taste in this pop culture, I’m going to be featuring some classic Christmas songs from The Ramones to Run D.M.C. and some other holiday themed novelty tunes and videos sandwiched in this week.

Let’s start off with the first nugget of “ *gasp* where does he find this crap!” It’s the patently offensive and definitely NSFW, “A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa” from A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa”

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The “Black Techno” Trend…I Guess Everybody Has a Short Memory.

By GPR84  //  Anyone Else Notice This?, Facts  //  3 Comments

The “Black Techno” Trend…I Guess Everybody Has a Short Memory by John M. Ellison IV

This started as an open letter to Erykah Badu, but really this goes to anyone that think’s techno is “white music.”

Y’know, one stupid comment has been kind of irking me, ever since I saw a tweet from Erykah Badu, the tweet being, “how y’all gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music .” Okay, I’d expect a comment like this from someone who isn’t a musician or doesn’t know music history. What irked me about this comment is that you make it sound like “our” music isn’t techno or we didn’t have anything to do with anything outside of R&B etc. and we had nothing to do with the innovations with electronic dance music. It’s easier for the general public to forget or just be unaware about guys like Afrika Bambaataa, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson. These brothas laid the groundwork for what the public knows as modern techno music. As an artist who are you to make a jab at another genre? A true musician would appreciate or see the positives of it.

“where is the funk AT”? Interesting question, actually, it’s been mutating into what we now know as the as she put it “pop techno cornball ass music.” Guys such as the “The Belleville Three” Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins were inspired by the sounds of Funkadelic, Parliament and Kraftwerk. Bambaataa who cites George Clinton as a major influence, this sound was co-opted by other artists and was marketed to another audience. But, with the electro sound of Bambaataa, electro developed into Miami Bass or Bass Music which Lil’ Jon was influenced by and elements that you would find more prevalent in “Techno” and “House.” So, technically the funk never went anywhere, it just evolved, just like music does.

What bothers me is to see people forget this fact and when people label music as “black” or “white” music it becomes a deterrent for musical exploration and experimentation. Anyway, it’s just a thought.

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*Insert Fangs Here*

Written by John M. Ellison IV

Readers, have you ever just come across a news story and just stare in disbelief at the stupidity that you’ve just read about?

American teens are sinking their teeth into each other’s necks, literally.

Inspired by the “Twilight” series and heartthrob vampire Edward Cullen’s chilly charms, teens are taking their love nips a little too far, MSNBC reports, biting each other — hard — and then licking the blood.

Bizarre teen behavior has horrified parents for generations, but health officials and other experts are warning this vampire-inspired Count Dracula fad could have serious consequences.

“These are kids who think they are real vampires,” Dr. Orly Avitzur, the medical advisor to Consumers Union, the agency that publishes Consumer Reports magazine, tells MSNBC.

And many teens are getting their blood-sucking fix on the Internet, Avitzur says, noting that sessions spent trolling vampire-related teen websites are on the rise. Groups such as “I drink blood,” a category at, and “I want to be a vampire” at the site, are filled with apparent posts from young people with a yearning for hemoglobin.

“Having that thick, warm copper-tasting blood in my mouth is the best thing I can think of!” writes a teenager identified as “GothicGirl10″ on MSNBC. “Sometimes my boyfriend lets me feed off him. I let him feed off me as well.”

Such talk alarms medical experts, who warn about the dangers of blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis and HIV, as well as the risk of nasty infections. Typically, 10-15 percent of human bite wounds become infected, MSNBC reports.

“If you break the skin, your mouth is pretty dirty,” Dr. Thomas Abshire, a pediatric blood and cancer specialist and spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics, tells MSNBC. “The human mouth flora is dirtier than a dog or cat’s.”

Also concerning is the fact that this biting is often done to brand another person, experts say.

“If you think about it, there is such glamorization in those teen vampire movies, they make it seem so sexy and appealing and intriguing,” Avitzur says. “It’s all mixed up with passion.”

After reading this, a few thoughts came to my mind…

1. Wow, at first parents were terrified of their daughter was sucking something else.

2. I can imagine a guy thinking “I was hoping she’d swallow another bodily fluid from me.”

3. I can imagine him also thinking “She said she’d suck the life out of me…this is not what I had in mind!”

4. If she thinks she’s a vampire, I just know that I’m getting my ass out by morning!

5. If a girl’s boyfriend is really into bloodletting and drinking blood then well…all he has to do is wait a few weeks every month.

“Ugh, that’s so vile of you! How can you make jokes about teenagers having sex?” Simple, it’s because they do have sex. Anyway, they’re a few themes in this story that are kind of old hat, first theme is scaring the parents of kids with “alternative” tastes and the parents are too narrow minded or stiff to understand the basis of it and who are ignorant of the subculture and judging it based off of their kid’s experiences
I remember when I was in school and other kids (mostly boys) would cut each other and try to become “blood brothers.” For those who don’t know what becoming “blood brothers” means, it’s basically what it sounds like. In this case, it’s when two kids try to become closer by attempting to get their blood into their friend’s system and “stay best friends” by sharing the same blood…Yeah, all you can do is the blank stare on that one.

To emphasize, I’m not taking up for this “Twilight” glam vampire stuff or even trying to defend it. I urge for people to instead of stereotyping an entire subculture/fad, we have to look at the individuals apart of it and understand that even though they can be a part of a culture, it doesn’t mean they are ambassadors for it. It’s eventual you will have some narcissistic “attention whore” who will use a subculture as a vehicle to act like a how I can eloquently put this…a douche bag without knowing or genuinely caring about the subculture they claim to represent.

Bottom line, I just hope that this is just an exaggerated hoax fueled by the loss of irony and sarcasm through message boards and just the internet in general.

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Kanye West’s spooky, mysterious references…to Progressive Rock!

On August 5th 2010, the video…well not really video but moving portrait accompanied by the “21 Century Schizoid Man” driven track “Power” premiered sandwiched in between a block of *ugh* “Jersey Shore.” Anyway, Kanye’s “moving portrait” premiered at 11 pm and well… I can actually make a logical explanation.

Before you get all scared and jumping to conclusion, it kind of proves you don’t know shit about music history. “Music History? What does that have to do with these creepy visuals that my little mind can’t comprehend?!” If ANYONE did some research on the sample used they would know it’s by British pro-rock band “King Crimson” remember this name, folks. Ever since the 2010 BET Awards, I noticed this royalty gimmick that West has been using.

Also, the cover art for the single “Power” is confusing to some but…

Notice the similar style to the original cover art of the “King Crimson” album “In the Court of the Crimson”

See kind of the blatant connection? So, if anything…the only “secret society” that Kanye belongs to is the secret society of nerds who like 70’s prog rock and other kinds of music that artists don’t perform on stage but enjoy on their day off…and if that’s the case, that’s pretty much everybody in the business who really enjoys music.

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Guess Who’s Starring as “Hood” in the Porno Remake of “Boys in the Hood?!”

“In an effort to break into the entertainment industry, Laurence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter, Montana, is starring in a porn video for Vivid Entertainment, reports. Vivid Entertainment, which also distributed Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tapes, will release the video on August 18.

In a Vivid Entertainment press release, Montana, also known as ‘Chippy D,’ reveals she was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame after the release of her sex tape.

“I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape by Vivid. I’m hoping the same magic will work for me. I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it,” she said.

“Montana made up her mind to make this DVD before we met her,” Vivid co-founder/chairman Steven Hirsch said. “She grew up in the entertainment business and was well aware of our company. In looking at the careers of many current leading female personalities, she saw a path to success and hopes to follow it.”

In a YouTube interview circulating the web, Montana and her co-star Brian Pumper, talk about the video. “The scene was fun. It was sexy,” Pumper said. “She performed well.”

Laurence Fishburne is best known for his roles in ‘The Matrix,’ ‘Apocalypse Now’ and his current roles on ‘CSI.’”

After the initial reactions of a spit take…wait, that doesn’t sound right in this context…let’s start from the beginning. Okay, at knee jerk reaction, this is kind of shocking, scandalous and whatever false outrage you’re expressing. But, it shouldn’t be that surprising if you think about it…the idea of Montanna Fishburne doing an adult video to catapult her career is kind of a statement on how pretty much women and some men get their careers launched not because of their talent, but become noticed when a tape gets “leaked” of their sexual shenanigans being released as fodder for the hypocritical pubic…I mean public and how the public claim their disgusted by this, but those same people downloaded or *chuckles* bought the DVD.

The trouble is that, the general public doesn’t appreciate art or the process of art. They care more about how freaky they are behind closed doors! For example, what’s more interesting? Nicki Minaj’s sexual image or the fact she raps? Are people more interested in Lady Gaga’s “crazy” Peaches, David Bowie, Grace Jones pastiche look or the fact that she’s an “okay” songwriter?

There’s an adage, sex sells. So, the concept of female celebs going into the realm of adult videos shouldn’t be shocking…but if you’re shocked, that means you’re not thinking in the first place. Besides, the ploy worked because we’re all talking about Montana Fishburne!



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You Ever Feel Like a “Perv” Watching the Shake Weight Commercial?

By GPR84  //  Anyone Else Notice This?, Videos  //  1 Comment

If you feel like a “perv” watching the Shake Weight ad, don’t feel too bad, you’re not the only one…

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Purple Image

As I was checking my feeds on twitter, I came across a tweet from talk show host Richard Mertzger that contained a link from unsung black psychedelic rock band “Purple Image”.

Y’know what? Ever since last night since I heard about this group I’ve been trying to keep my cool temper wise, but I can’t…I just can’t. You’re probably asking “Uh, why are you mad and can you get to the point of this?” Well, the reason why is because once again, you have black musicians creating music that people of a certain mindset doesn’t get it because they can’t comprehend anything outside of their musical comfort zone due to the pre-programming of personal taste. Another thing, do we ever change this? JUST BARELY! Thanks to the internet, people like me are discovering and re-discovering bands such as Purple Image, Death, Black Merda, Pure Hell and other bands and artists who paved the way for other black musicians who defied genre limits and expectations.

I’ve been a part of a forum called Afropunk since it’s inception circa 2003. The site Afropunk was created to supplement the movie of the same name. With this site, black, Latino, Asian white etc. were able to connect with each other and share their musical tastes and experiences. But, I digress…another thing that bugs me is that with this album you can’t just go pick this up in stores; you have to import this sucker.

Anyway, enough of the tirade…here’s some of their music.

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