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Separated at Birth 2: Vanilla Ice vs Chris Brown by John M. Ellison IV

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Well folks, after the surprising success of Bobby Brown G.G. Allin Separated at Birth; I felt it was time for a sequel. Chris Brown vs Vanilla Ice!

On 3/22/11, Chris Brown was on Good Morning America promoting his new album F.AM.E. Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts asked about Chris Brown’s previous domestic assault issues. Chris Brown slightly agitated; he brushes it off and downplayed it continues with the interview. Everything seemed cool…Well, until Brown goes in his GMA dressing room, screams manically, shatters a window and tears his shirt off.

You can find more info here

I thought after hearing this I thought…”wait, an artificial blonde losing his shit in TV studio in Times Square? Didn’t Vanilla Ice do this already?” Vanilla Ice did what? Let me explain… in 1999, Vanilla Ice was featured on a “25 Lame (Worst Music Videos)” a countdown show with overplayed videos featuring Janeane Garafalo, Jon Stewart, Chris Kattan and Dennis Leary providing smarmy comments.

Anyway, Ice was on the set and was given the honor of destroying the master video of “Ice Ice Baby” with a baseball bat given to him by Jon Stewart. Well, Rob doesn’t just destroy the station’s master copy of “Ice Ice Baby” but also gets a baseball bat and tears the studio up for good measure. After decimating the set, the tape was still fairly intact. Well, after realizing this Ice continues to smash the video and the remainder of the set. Hearing Chris Kattan saying “No Vanilla!” was probably one of his most amusing moments since…anyway.

Here’s the video of Vanilla Ice going berzerk.

I’m not a fan of Chris Brown’s music, oddly enough; I saw some of his drawings and dude’s a surprisingly talented cartoonist. I’m not going to “roast” him because that’s for cowards behind a keyboard. Besides, until he gets certain issues addressed he’s going to burn himself out anyway.

In closing, I hope Chris gets some help for his anger issues and chill. Peace.

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