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Didn’t Tiny Learn Anything from “No Hands?” by John M. Ellison IV

TMZ reports the rapper was sent to a special housing unit after getting caught with Tiny’s hand down his pants.

The prison rules allow for a kiss and a hug at the beginning of the encounter and then hands must remain in plain view for the rest of your visit. Tiny didn’t get the memo on this one apparently and says she hasn’t spoke to T.I. since the incident.

In this case, I don’t have any deep thoughts on this. I’m more or less biding time with stories of inane urban pop culture that amuse me until I do some album reviews. Besides, I just find the story amusing; I mean how can you overanalyze a hand job folks? So…now onto the corny double entendre and potentially over used puns!

Isn’t it odd that Tiny beats a drug rap avoiding jail time and then gets in trouble for beating off a rapper?

I can’t say T.I.’s a wack rapper…but I can say he’s a rapper that’s been whacked off.

I can understand if Tiny’s embarrassed…but we can all agree that T.I. was choked up about this.

I can imagine some of the readers are probably going “*scoffs* Are you done yet?” No, not really. But, I thought I’d get a few jokes out though. Besides, in September 2010 when T.I. and Tiny were facing criminal charges they were at the Uptown comedy club in Atlanta to catch comedian D.L. Hughely’s show. D.L. Hughley spotted them and joked about T.I.’s legal woes and the couple took it in stride. So, I assume Tiny and T.I. have a sense of humor about moments like this. Besides, we all have had embarrassing moments and the best thing to do is try to find the humor in them so the humiliation stings less.

Remember, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…and if you’re throwing hand’s in use then it’s technically impossible to do both at the same time.


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